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Insect Bite Anti-Itch Concentrate 12mL

Insect Bite Anti-Itch Concentrate 

When the itchiness becomes too much to cope with!

We have a highly concentrated blend of essential oils, to be used on individual bites.


Insect Bite Anti-Itch 50mL

Insect Bite anti-itch Oil Blend

Completely Natural

No Harmful Toxins or Chemicals

All natural essential oils combine to give relief from itchy insect bites.


Mosquito & Midges Bug Repellent 100mL

Mosquito & Midges Bug Repellent 

All Natural Ingredients and Essential oils

No chemicals - No Neurotoxic insecticides – No DEET

If you would like an insect repellent that works and is not harmful to you or your family then look no further!


Arthritis Pain Relief Oil Blend 50mL

Arthritis Pain Relief Oil Blend 50mL

These essential oils has been carefully chosen and blended to give pain relief to arthritis and rheumatism sufferers. It is nota cure, but it will ease pain for up to 2 hours at a time, depending on the severity of your arthritis.


Geranium Citrus Zing soap 137g

Gift wrapped for you!

Olive oil is a very gentle, creamy soap giving your skin a soft, pampered feel. Scented with the beautiful Geranium and Citrus essential oils, you can enjoy the beautiful lather and delicate perfume released during use under warm water, perfectly safe for the whole family. Wrapped in pretty paper to make the perfect gift idea or to pamper yourself! 


Chest Rub Oil 100mL

Chest Rub oil is an organic blend of essential oils in Apricot oil, prefect to help during the winter months or anytime you may have coughs and colds.


Shaving Soap In Travel Container 128g

Travel soap or gift idea

Our handmade moisturising shaving soap is suitable for all skin types and will also assist those men with sensitive or problem skin. An aromatic blend of essential oils and red clay gives a smooth clean shave every time, leaving the skin soft and refreshed. Conveniently packaged in travel container for easy storage at home or away. See more info.


Red clay & Patchouli soap 100g

Beautiful Gift for all occasions 100% Natural!

This beautiful soap has a deep rich colour. The scent of patchouli, cedarwood and bay laural, combined with all other ingredients make this a delicate but high lathering soap. Wrapped in Fair Trade Handmade paper from Bangladesh to make the prefect gift.100% Natural


Gentle Olive Oil & Jojoba Soap (unscented) 138g

Lovingly wrapped a Perfect Gift!

This delicate soap is unscented and so gentle it is perfect for babies, children and the elderly or anyone with sensitive skin or who may be allergic to essential oils. Wrapped in pretty paper to make the perfect gift idea or to pamper yourself! 


Clean Skin Pure Deodorant 125mL

Clean Skin Deodorant is a light aromatic pure deodorant made with your health in mind, especially designed to rid you of odor while allowing the body to function normally. See more info.

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